Intl. School on Lasers in Materials Science - SLIMS
S. Servolo Island, Venice, Italy
July 8-14, 2018












All the students participating to SLIMS-2018 are involved in the Roger Kelly Award competition for the Best Poster and Oral Presentation.

The Award is entitled to Roger Kelly who gave relevant contributions in the field of laser-matter interaction and devoted much efforts to the education of students and young researchers.

Each student will display on the first day of the school his/her poster containing the results of the research he/she is involved in.

The posters remain available for discussion during standard Poster Sessions and for colloquia on request by any participant to SLIMS-2018 who by chance had no possibility to interact with the Poster Author during one of the Poster Sessions.

Each student is also asked to prepare a brief (10 minutes) presentation of the core features of his/her poster addressed at a hypothetical audience with no specific preparation in the field.

Sessions called Student Oral Presentations are an important feature of SLIMS-2018 that offer to many students the first opportunity to give an oral presentation. The associated psychological barrier is reduced by the friendly audience constituted by their fellows and by lecturers with whom they are interacting since the beginning of the school.

The students are grouped in two Categories: Young Researchers, including first and second year PhD (plus possibly undergraduates) and Rising Stars, including third year PhD and post-doc researchers.

The Lecturers act as a Referee Committee to evaluate the poster quality, the quality of the scientific defense of the poster during the Poster Sessions and the quality of the oral presentation given by each student.

The scores attributed by the Lecturers are collected and after standard data treatment the students ranked at the first three places are identified for both Categories.

The R. Kelly Award Ceremony will take place on Saturday, July 14, 2018, 11.15AM at Aula Magna, VIU, S. Servolo Island.