Intl. School on Lasers in Materials Science - SLIMS
S. Servolo Island, Venice, Italy
July 8-14, 2018










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Welcome to the 6th Venice International School on Lasers in Materials Science!

You can now download the final program of the school >>here<<

The 6th International School on Lasers in Materials Science will offer a comprehensive overview on basic principles and a selection of relevant applications connected to the irradiation of materials with energetic laser beams. The sixth school benefits from the positive experiences of the first five editions of the School, which took place at the very same wonderful location in the lagoon of Venice in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016. A detailed presentation of the school can be found here. Please also see the Scheduled Lectures and Registration Form.

The School is addressed at PhD students and young research scientists working in the field of laser-materials interactions. It aims at educating doctorate students in the principles of laser-surface interactions, along with bringing students up-to-date with current state-of-the art in laser materials processing.

Please make sure to check out the latest updates on our News page for important information! (last updated on 20-July-2018).

Poster preparation:

Each student attending SLIMS-2018 is asked to prepare a poster containing the results (or a part of the results considered the most relevant) of his/her research project.
The poster size is 120x85 cm2 (A0), to be allocated on one of the available poster boards.
Please take care to use suitable strategies in the preparation of the title, text, pictures so that the poster is easy to read and to understand.
Also, make sure you have the necessary means to stick your poster to the poster boards (wood surface).

According to the School tradition, the Roger Kelly Award Competition will be held at SLIMS 2018!


The 6th Venice International School on Lasers in Materials Science has now concluded! Thank you all for your participation!

>>You can download a selection of photos taken during SLIMS 2018 by clicking this link<<

School Directors:

Chantal Leborgne - France - email:
Juergen Reif - Germany - email: Jü
Koji Sugioka - Japan - email:
Leonid V. Zhigilei - USA - email:
Paolo M. Ossi - Italy - email: